Sealife and wildlife Sydney

Sealife and wildlife Sydney

On Saturday I went with the school to the sealife and wildlife in Darling harbour in Sydney. It was a cute little place but I wouldn’t go there again. Once you have seen it you have seen it. There is still some cute animals and of course I love those. I took some photos from it.

The film here is just a compilation of the movies I did that day.

Lea and I (German girl I met on campus) – we walked around Sydney afterwards for a few hours and had lunch. What a beautiful day! I walked around 11 km on that day. I am definitely getting my steps in!


Perfect reunion

Perfect reunion

The perfect reunion comes when you start crying when you see another person after about 2 years.

On Tuesday I saw Tatjana. My beautiful Tat. My sexy Croatian Aussie girl. She told me to meet her at Town Hall in Sydney center and she would take me to get the best dumplings in town. I got there around 5.30 pm and the second we saw each other it was like there were no other people around. They did not exist! I started tearing up and so did she. How can that not be the best reunion in the world?! We met in the other end of the world in Canada and got to see each other again in Australia. That seems so unreal and amazing at the same time!

She was right about the dumplings – the best place ever. The restaurant is located in the world square in Sydney, and is called Din Tai Fung. It was delicious! We had a cider afterwards and split up around 9.30 pm. A perfect day!

Luckily I get to see her so many times while I am here. We are going on adventure on Sunday and I get to meet her boyfriend. Life is pretty darn sweet!


21. I get bruises so easy. Insane bruises – big blue that turns in to yellow and green. It’s crazy.

22. I secretly want to cut my hair really short but I am not sure if it will suit me or not.

23. I have a huge crush on the danish singer Christopher. I become all teenager crush when I listen to his music and see his pictures. Hihi.

24. My second favourite Disney movie is The Lion King. It’s a classic and can not be any better. Everything is so well done!

25. I have a thing for jackets. I want to buy all the jackets I like, I have way too many and I have a hard time traveling without my jackets.

To be continued …

Surfing the Sunday away

Surfing the Sunday away

Sunday – Funday – Surfing.

We all love Sundays. There is two kinds of people: The ones that stays in bed, watch movies, eat snacks and junkfood or the ones that go for adventures.

I am one of the last ones – I have become one of those at least. I like to mix it up. Some Sundays I am going for adventures and other Sundays I am not leaving my apartment.

Today I felt like I was on the adventures side – well I decided I would be on Friday when I signed up for surfing lessons. So that is what I did. I went surfing. Who would’ve thought?! I felt like a real Aussie today. Took the train to the harbour and took the ferry on a beautiful trip over to Manly Beach. I was recommended doing the ferry by a guy working at the Sydney Train stations. Such a nice person. Aussie people are really nice and kind. Us Danes could learn something and I mean that in the best way. Well I went surfing – sexy surfer dudes definitely helps with the focus – NOT. But the water is very dangerous and it’s so important to listen to the safety rules and how not to get hurt. So I actually snapped myself out of staring (I would never, read: I stared) and listened. I ended up having the best time. I even stood up on the board. We went for a few runs just learning how to get on the board and then they taught us how to stand up and we continued practicing on that.

I went up on the first try! It’s heaps of fun and really makes you feel alive. I will compare the rush and the level of excitement I had, with skiing and snowboarding. Top outdoor things for me to do. Psst – I would love to go on surfing trips, skiing trips etc! I would not say no.

Here is a little video of me showing around. Again – I will try to be better at this and I will learn 🙂

Sydney Opera House

Being a tourist in your “new home country” for a day or actually a few months – is heaps of fun. It takes me everywhere, I sure hope so at least.

I met up with Ashley’s sister yesterday, she showed me around a bit. We went to the rocks by the water and then around to see the spectacular Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and around the Botanical Gardens. Such a beautiful blue bird day. Sun was shining and water was glittering like a thousand diamonds. Can’t even describe it. I didn’t  to much after that to be honest – I went home and decided to have a chill nice.

Hope you enjoy the photos. I will try to be a better writer. But for now I am trying to update my days here and the writing will come back to me. I have a few good thoughts here and there. 🙂