Feeling alone?

Feeling alone?

We can have all the best people around us in the world but still sometimes feel like we are alone.

We have to be able to zone out and be who we are. I have the feeling of being alone sometimes. It doesn’t mean I am depressed or whatever some people might call it. It just mean I need to focus on myself for a little bit. Sometimes I need people around me when I feel alone and sometimes I just need to be myself. No matter how I feel I need to be able to speak up and tell the people around me what I want. If I want to be alone I won’t answer any texts or maybe just very few people. If I want to hang out with someone I have to say something.

It is not always that easy to speak out. You sometimes just want people to read your mind! Oh how life would be easy if others could read your mind and the other way around.

When I do feel alone I try to remind myself of all the good things I have in life. The things I have been through has made me stronger. Loosing my husband, almost loosing my mom just after and my dad before that to be honest – it has all given me scars but scars I will never be without. It has shaped me to the one I am today. Some people might think I am a tough chick or a bitch or something even worse. But I know that they think that because they can’t put themselves in my shoes and don’t want them to. But when they do end up getting to know me they also see that I am not any of those words. I am strong and I am a very nice and genuine person. We all have things we need to work on our entire life. That is okay. We can’t stay they same – that would be a very sad situation. Things change and so do we.

Remember to say no and say yes and say what you want. I practice it every day – and I am still no master at it. No one will ever be!

Have a good day guys. You are all awesome!


Surf camp!

Surf camp!


Surf camp – oh yes. I did one lesson a few weeks back here in Sydney but the weekend 18th to 20th of august was full of it.

We were 10 danish and 2 norwegian and then 4 Aussie surfer instructors. They were a blast and made sure we had heaps of fun. All about the Shaka bro. 😉 (google Shaka if you don’t know what it is and you will get the feeling that it is very surfer Aussie slang. lol)

It was a weekend of very very very cold weather. It was windy, rainy and freezing. Nothing is holding me back from having a blast! I surfed – I actually did it again. I stood on the board and laughed. Saturday we had to drive a little to get to a good beach where the waves wasn’t too crazy. We stayed at Elizabeth beach and surfed at Crowdy head beach on Saturday. When we got back we had food and a good after surfing party!

Oh and a guy broke is surfboard in two! Well it was the wave but it was like watching a scary movie when it happened. Craziest thing I have seen in a while!

Sunday was even colder than Saturday. We went to Seal rocks to surf and had a barbecue for lunch before heading back to Sydney.

Not sure how I got in the water. I think it took me around 30 min to convince myself to put on my wetsuit. It had been outside in the trailer all night and was wet from the rain and on top of that it rained Sunday too. So putting on a wet wetsuit (yes I know how this sounds) in the rain and wind was a bit of a challenge. I did it and I do not regret for a second! The waves was good to begin with and we gave it a go. It was magical lying on the board in the rain.

I decided to put my surfboard on the beach at one point and go out in the waves and play around. They were too big for me. I was in a battle with the board a few times and got myself a good bruise – but it’s all part of the fun. Giving things a go! 🙂

It was such a great weekend and I am glad I went even though it was cold.


Packing – this is what I need

Packing – this is what I need

For some reason this wasn’t published – not really sure why – so here it goes.

Here is what I need for my 6 months away. There is missing some things because I am not bringing shampoo, toothpaste, lotion and so on. I will buy all of this when I get there because it takes up a lot of room and weighs a lot. It’s easier to buy some down there.

I am so proud of myself. I got everything in to my backpack – 65 L and I have plenty of room in my carry on. It’s awesome!
Here’s my process in pictures and video. It took me 15 times to get all my vacuum bags in the right way so I could have everything without worrying. But I did it.

Don’t mind the ugly face on me. I was struggling with packing and I took a shower right after. I promise ;p

Change your life

I was just reminded yesterday, that 3 years ago, I took the last decision to leave everything behind. I quit my job, decided to leave my apartement, sell all my things and go to Canada.

I have to say things really has taken a different direction since I lost my husband. I would change all of this I have today if I could get him back in a heartbeat. Would not take me a nano second to decide that. But I can’t change my past. I can’t change the fact that he died and therefor I decided to go one way – and that was forward! I decided to change my life. I decided to not be in a place where I could feel myself go down in a spiral. I wanted to go on with my life and I did.

Here I am in Sydney, I have been to Canada and completely changed my life.

I have a future that is full of love because Jonas taught me that real love exist. It is out there and I have experienced it. I will forever be grateful for what he gave me – and also this. He gave me this life. I know he wanted me to follow my heart like I have always done. I will forever love him!

When life gives you lemons – make lemonade. I am a living proof that it is actually the best way to live life. Get the best out of it.

You choose how to use your past in your future!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 22.27.41.png

My cola bola

My cola bola

About a week ago or so (August 11th to 13th) I was so lucky to get my Cola Bola to Sydney. She came from Melbourne and visited me just for a weekend. I am so impressed with the people I know here down under. They are doing what they can to give me the best experience.

Nicola arrived friday night and I picked her up at the airport and we got home had a tea and talked for way to long. We were both really tired but had to catch up and it felt great!

We went on a “small” walk/trek on Saturday called the Spit Bridge to Manly walk. Its about 10 km long and a mix of looking at the beautiful sea and beaches and then the big mansions along the coast. The walk was not hard but really worth the hours. If you ever get the chance, do the walk. It will amaze you!

On Sunday we went for a walk around my campus and had a chill shopping day. I got some good photos of an empty campus.

I will try to keep the photos on a minimum. But there is so many amazing that it’s hard to choose!

We watched the most amazing sunset on Saturday on the beach with Doritos. ❤

I never go for a walk without my lightson – my happy juice! 😀

Heres the pictures of our sunday.

Have I said I love my life yet? If not – now you know. I am very blessed to be where I am in life. And I will continue doing what I love most. ❤