Skiing in Australia

Skiing in Australia

… yes it is possible to ski in Australia. I knew it but it still seemed so unreal. I am a living proof of it actually happening because I just went to Perisher Valley for the weekend.

It was the best of both worlds of skiing. A bluebird day and a powder day. I hadn’t skied in almost a year and a half and had to get in to it again. It did not take long. A few runs in and I felt great. Kinda like riding a bike!

I went with Tat and her boyfriend Matt. We were a group of 7 in total. All someone Tat and Matt knew but all really great people. Andrea, Loretta, Bella and Mark. I was the seventh wheel but did not feel like it at all! They were so nice and kind and made me feel like I was more than welcome and a part of the group. Felt good!

We arrived late Friday and went straight to bed basically. Saturday was spend on the hill all day and dinner down at the Station where we stated. Sunday we woke up to freezing cold and the snow starting coming down. Where we stayed was about 45 min away from the ski hill and there was no snow when we got there but within 30 min of it snowing the ground was covered with a beautiful layer of snow.

… and then there was a group of kangaroos! They were jumping around in the snow. Gorgeous and so strange to see them in the snow.

On the hill Sunday it was a great powder day and I did as much skiing I could. After so long of not skiing, two days of ski boots killed me and I called it a day but I did pretty good!

I was in my right element. Snow, mountains and cold surrounded by great people – made me feel better then I have in a long time!

I will keep it to only 20 photos this time! or at least try.




Accident update

Here almost 2 weeks after I feel so much better. My back is slowly getting better and doesn’t hurt that much. I still need pain killers every day. But I work and I walk around much more like a normal person these days. I have some good pain killers and I luckily don’t need them all day. I take one when I’m going to work so it won’t bother me. But other than that I’m resting and doing great. I hope that I can get out skiing in about a week or so. I’m doing my best to get ready that’s for sure.

My sister decided to give me a christmas present and birthday present – it is a back protector. I just ordered one from Evoc. Looks pretty nice and I can’t wait to get it. It is also protecting my shoulders and collar bone. So it is a win win situation here.

Not sure when it arrives. You can find it here.



Cheers xo 

First day of the season!

Hey there!

I had my first day skiing of the season yesterday and I felt like I was on top of the world! It was such a good feeling. I was pretty scared when I went up with the chairlift the first time. I was really wondering if I could remember how I did and all that! I decided to take it nice and slow get some turns going and just go down the hill. I did – I survived down the mountain with no falls or anything. Pretty proud of myself! Only thing I was struggling with was my feet sleeping. Oh man they have to get used to the tight boots again thats for sure. I had to stop between each run and let blood go to my feet again and then up the chairlift again. I managed two chairlift in one day and even the first day! (I see it as an accomplishment haha). Did some good runs and got really confident about it. My favourite run yesterday was Tranquilliser. It’s blue on top and turns green further down. But it was just a good one!

I hope to go out as much as possible – I will get my work schedule today and take it from there. There is a package with 5 lessons of 2 hours with an instructor where I can learn how to snowboard! I did something similar last year on skies and learned so much from it. I think it will be good to do it on my snowboard this year and get that going! 🙂


Photo 03-12-2015, 10 40 11 a.m. Photo 03-12-2015, 10 38 36 a.m. Photo 03-12-2015, 10 46 35 a.m. Photo 03-12-2015, 11 07 44 a.m. Photo 03-12-2015, 12 57 52 p.m.


Staff BBQ and skiing

I’m Yesterday panorama held a BBQ for all the staff. There were awesome burgers and hotdogs. Really good. 

I went out skiing and snowboarding – my snowboard broke though. So now I need it to get it fixed. I went on my skies instead and had the best day skiing. I skied with Merle, her friend Nico, Will, Nicola, Stuart (a second day skiers – really good), Lina and Marc. It was a really good day. 
Spend the afternoon in the gym and watched a movie. 🙂