Fun facts part VI

I think I made it to number 26 – so here comes 5 more.

26. I have three piercings.

27. I am a very good procrastinator – currently writing this post instead of doing my assignment. I always finish my things in time even though I am pushing them sometimes.

28. I imitate the train speakers very well. I always repeat what they say in trains and busses and so on and I have a feeling I would be really good at it if I was doing that as a job.

29. My favourite parfume is and always has been Ralph by Ralph Lauren. Its amazing.

30. Since I was about 6 or 7 I have collected the Swarovski figurines. The most important things is that; they can not have colours on them and their eyes has to be black dots only – so it is only the transparent ones I have. I have about 15 different ones or so.

To be continued



21. I get bruises so easy. Insane bruises – big blue that turns in to yellow and green. It’s crazy.

22. I secretly want to cut my hair really short but I am not sure if it will suit me or not.

23. I have a huge crush on the danish singer Christopher. I become all teenager crush when I listen to his music and see his pictures. Hihi.

24. My second favourite Disney movie is The Lion King. It’s a classic and can not be any better. Everything is so well done!

25. I have a thing for jackets. I want to buy all the jackets I like, I have way too many and I have a hard time traveling without my jackets.

To be continued …


16. I have a small infinity tattoo on my right ring finger, showing eternal love for my dead husband. ❤

17. I currently don’t have a place to live. I have all of my stuff at my moms place and can’t wait to find something for myself again in the new year.

18. I like bringing small personal items from friends with me when I travel. Makes me feel at home and loved.

19. I don’t like my bottom teeth and I will in the near future get them done with some kind of braces.

20. I should use glasses but my sight isn’t that bad so I don’t really feel like I need them.

To be continued …

Facts about me – Part III

11. I have blue eyes – depending on the light they are dark and light blue.

12. I am a girly girl but I like my jeans and sneakers.

13. My absolute favourite Disney movie is Frozen and non-disney movie is The Fault in Our Stars. I got a Olaf teddybear in birthday present from Ashley my beautiful Kiwi friend (I LOVE IT!)

14. Reading a good book can take all the stress away from me. I like reading almost everything but one book that really blew my mind is; Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

15. I use a size 38 euro size in shoes. I like high heels and I never buy I pair I can’t run in. If it feels like a sock buy it – lesson learned from my mom.


Facts about me – part II

6. I always follow my gut. If I don’t feel like it’s the right decision for me I will change it.

7. I am brunette born but currently dye my hair blonde.

8. I have lived 1,5 years in Canada. I moved to Canada to find myself again. I was a lost soul and needed to jump in to the unknown and figure everything out.

9. I became a widow at the age of 24 when my husband died of lung cancer.

10. I have always had a bad habit of biting my nails. I haven’t bitten my nails in 1,5 months now and going strong.

To be continues next week. 🙂