Perfect reunion

Perfect reunion

The perfect reunion comes when you start crying when you see another person after about 2 years.

On Tuesday I saw Tatjana. My beautiful Tat. My sexy Croatian Aussie girl. She told me to meet her at Town Hall in Sydney center and she would take me to get the best dumplings in town. I got there around 5.30 pm and the second we saw each other it was like there were no other people around. They did not exist! I started tearing up and so did she. How can that not be the best reunion in the world?! We met in the other end of the world in Canada and got to see each other again in Australia. That seems so unreal and amazing at the same time!

She was right about the dumplings – the best place ever. The restaurant is located in the world square in Sydney, and is called Din Tai Fung. It was delicious! We had a cider afterwards and split up around 9.30 pm. A perfect day!

Luckily I get to see her so many times while I am here. We are going on adventure on Sunday and I get to meet her boyfriend. Life is pretty darn sweet!


Care package

Care package

A month or so ago I received a care package from my friend Merle from Germany. She told me I needed to bring it to Australia and open it down there. When I got it in Copenhagen it was a big package and I just decided today that I needed to open it before because I would not have space for it in my backpack. So I did. I can’t believe how thoughtful and amazing this little thing is.

There was a handwritten note, well actually two of them! There was body wash and shampoo organic, different kinds of tea and a beautiful scarf. What blew my mind the most was the book. She had put in a book she had read a thousand times and that had been almost everywhere with her. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was used and personally said that I needed to bring this because it was a great travel book.

I still can’t believe she took her time to find all of this, write the personal note and make the effort of giving it to a school mate who was going to Copenhagen so I could get it in time to go to Australia. And yes I am going to bring it all with me, tucked in my backpack.

Thank you Merle. ❤

Amazing days!

Amazing days!

In the cold rainy Denmark these days I got to get a little bit of sunshine feeling. Having amazing people around you makes the biggest difference in your life. I am so lucky to have met people from around the world. Living abroad gives you a whole new perspective.

We all know that great people in our lifes are necessary but we are not always good at pushing the bad people out. I decided years back that I want people in my life that are amazing, strong and that we have a mutual interest and connection. Because I have done my best to sort the bad people from the good, I am now in a state of feeling surrounded and loved.

The last 6 months I have had the best people visiting me from all over the world; Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden and England.

From Wednesday until Friday – Anis from Algeria/Paris came to visit. I actually met him in Las Vegas.

We had some awesome days. I took two days off from work so I could be a great tourist guide. It went pretty well. I am a good guide! 😉 We went on a canal tour around Copenhagen canals, where we saw the little mermaid, Nyhavn, Islands Brygge and everything else there is to see.

I made sure he tasted Stjerneskud (danish dish – delicious), Danish pastries and pancakes.

We also went to Louisiana Museum on Thursday. I love the place they always have very out there and weird and amazing exhibitions. There is currently a woman named Marina Abramović. I can honestly say we went through the entire field and spectres of emotions and all I want to say about that is – if you have the chance to go see her, DO IT. She is something else. Hate love relationship about that artist to be honest.

Here are some pictures from our awesome days. Since I am the Danish Copenhagen living girl I was the one taking all the pictures and I am barely on any of them. Lol.


Feeling …

… like I’m on top of the world. I am focusing on myself and I am enjoying every bit. 

On a road trip to aalborg with my friend Carmen whom I’ve met in Canada. She’s visiting me and I feel so privileged to experience Aalborg carnival for the first time with her, and so many more firsts being a tourist in my own country. 

How can I not love this beautiful country?! 😊 The weekend continues.  We drove from Copenhagen and stopped in Odense for a quick ice cream break. Then continued north and stopped at Himmelbjerget. What a beautiful sunny day to do this trip in ☀️

First day is over and the next two days will be just as amazing.