Change your life

I was just reminded yesterday, that 3 years ago, I took the last decision to leave everything behind. I quit my job, decided to leave my apartement, sell all my things and go to Canada.

I have to say things really has taken a different direction since I lost my husband. I would change all of this I have today if I could get him back in a heartbeat. Would not take me a nano second to decide that. But I can’t change my past. I can’t change the fact that he died and therefor I decided to go one way – and that was forward! I decided to change my life. I decided to not be in a place where I could feel myself go down in a spiral. I wanted to go on with my life and I did.

Here I am in Sydney, I have been to Canada and completely changed my life.

I have a future that is full of love because Jonas taught me that real love exist. It is out there and I have experienced it. I will forever be grateful for what he gave me – and also this. He gave me this life. I know he wanted me to follow my heart like I have always done. I will forever love him!

When life gives you lemons – make lemonade. I am a living proof that it is actually the best way to live life. Get the best out of it.

You choose how to use your past in your future!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 22.27.41.png


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