My cola bola

About a week ago or so (August 11th to 13th) I was so lucky to get my Cola Bola to Sydney. She came from Melbourne and visited me just for a weekend. I am so impressed with the people I know here down under. They are doing what they can to give me the best experience.

Nicola arrived friday night and I picked her up at the airport and we got home had a tea and talked for way to long. We were both really tired but had to catch up and it felt great!

We went on a “small” walk/trek on Saturday called the Spit Bridge to Manly walk. Its about 10 km long and a mix of looking at the beautiful sea and beaches and then the big mansions along the coast. The walk was not hard but really worth the hours. If you ever get the chance, do the walk. It will amaze you!

On Sunday we went for a walk around my campus and had a chill shopping day. I got some good photos of an empty campus.

I will try to keep the photos on a minimum. But there is so many amazing that it’s hard to choose!

We watched the most amazing sunset on Saturday on the beach with Doritos. ❤

I never go for a walk without my lightson – my happy juice! 😀

Heres the pictures of our sunday.

Have I said I love my life yet? If not – now you know. I am very blessed to be where I am in life. And I will continue doing what I love most. ❤


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