Roadtrip to Kiama

Many people would be out clubbing or partying almost every night and having a blast that way. I am a person that makes a big thing out of being with the people that means the most. This leads to me going on a roadtrip last weekend.

Saturday after the sealife and wildlife I went to Tatjana’s place and we went out for dinner with her boyfriend and friends. Had such a good night! Amazing group of people.

Sunday we were supposed to wake up early – Tat comes ind at 7.40 “psst wake up beautiful, we are running a little late” – no shit sherlock we planned to leave the house at 8 am. Lol. We were not in a rush and it was a day of doing what we felt like. It ended with laughter, talking, singing in the car, acting crazy, walking on rocks in Kiama and I was supposed to see the blow hole but I think it had taken a nap when we were there, because it did not blow anything up that hole. I will get to see if at some point. The point of the day was to have fun and enjoy our wonderful life and we did!

What a great friend and her boyfriend is amazing too. I can’t wait to have many more adventures with them.

The weekend is coming up faster than you think – and we will meet up friday, go to her place and have the entire weekend being awesome once again. I feel warm in my heart. I don’t need anything else but me and my peeps. 😉


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