Perfect reunion

The perfect reunion comes when you start crying when you see another person after about 2 years.

On Tuesday I saw Tatjana. My beautiful Tat. My sexy Croatian Aussie girl. She told me to meet her at Town Hall in Sydney center and she would take me to get the best dumplings in town. I got there around 5.30 pm and the second we saw each other it was like there were no other people around. They did not exist! I started tearing up and so did she. How can that not be the best reunion in the world?! We met in the other end of the world in Canada and got to see each other again in Australia. That seems so unreal and amazing at the same time!

She was right about the dumplings – the best place ever. The restaurant is located in the world square in Sydney, and is called Din Tai Fung. It was delicious! We had a cider afterwards and split up around 9.30 pm. A perfect day!

Luckily I get to see her so many times while I am here. We are going on adventure on Sunday and I get to meet her boyfriend. Life is pretty darn sweet!


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