Surfing the Sunday away

Sunday – Funday – Surfing.

We all love Sundays. There is two kinds of people: The ones that stays in bed, watch movies, eat snacks and junkfood or the ones that go for adventures.

I am one of the last ones – I have become one of those at least. I like to mix it up. Some Sundays I am going for adventures and other Sundays I am not leaving my apartment.

Today I felt like I was on the adventures side – well I decided I would be on Friday when I signed up for surfing lessons. So that is what I did. I went surfing. Who would’ve thought?! I felt like a real Aussie today. Took the train to the harbour and took the ferry on a beautiful trip over to Manly Beach. I was recommended doing the ferry by a guy working at the Sydney Train stations. Such a nice person. Aussie people are really nice and kind. Us Danes could learn something and I mean that in the best way. Well I went surfing – sexy surfer dudes definitely helps with the focus – NOT. But the water is very dangerous and it’s so important to listen to the safety rules and how not to get hurt. So I actually snapped myself out of staring (I would never, read: I stared) and listened. I ended up having the best time. I even stood up on the board. We went for a few runs just learning how to get on the board and then they taught us how to stand up and we continued practicing on that.

I went up on the first try! It’s heaps of fun and really makes you feel alive. I will compare the rush and the level of excitement I had, with skiing and snowboarding. Top outdoor things for me to do. Psst – I would love to go on surfing trips, skiing trips etc! I would not say no.

Here is a little video of me showing around. Again – I will try to be better at this and I will learn 🙂


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