Ma casa

I have now made myself a pretty cosy little room in the shared apartement I’m in. There is a kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilet to share and other than that there is two rooms, where the biggest one is mine. I have everything I need here. I have a queen size bed, closet, drawers and a desk. It’s a little old but really nice and I made it ME. There is do a short video tour of the place. Put on sound. 🙂

Since I only brought over the necessary things I need I had to buy a few things. I bought some tea towels, a big towel, shampoo, facial lotion and some other small things. I bought a scent diffuser with grapefruit and cassis smell. It smells amazing and makes it so relaxing feeling in here. I had to get sheets and a blanket too. I really think I have made it nice and relaxing in here.

Bonus thing – I almost got so lost in the local shopping mall. It’s HUGE and so confusing. I am used to the halls at home being round kinda so it’s easy to go around and know where things are – not here – NOOOO. It was insane. I have to take a video of it and show around. I like that it’s only 5 min away and that it has everything imaginable; supermarkets, clothing stores, shoes, whatever you can think of.

I am also super close to my school. If I cross the road I am right on uni ground. Not sure it could be easier than that. I like it anyways. My way of living and traveling might be different from others and I like showing how I do things here. 🙂

Let me know if there is anything you want me to show or tell about. If you want you can also go follow my FB Maria Samsø – I will do some live videos there and post a few things. I will try to post here everyday with thoughts and adventures I am on.


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