One little step at a time

We are all on a journey. Hey life is a journey. I know – very cheesy. It's true.
To begin a journey we must start with a single step. I am on my way to Sydney. Writing this on the plane currently on our way down to Doha in Qatar. That is one of many steps I have had to take to get to one of my end goals – studying abroad in Sydney!

To get here I needed to go through a process of applying for my electives in Copenhagen, then I needed to apply for the school in Sydney, I needed to get a student visa, a plane ticket, insurance and so much more. It's not exactly easy to take a semester abroad especially not when I am what my school call a freemover. I am not a part of any exchange programs at my school because my master is all in danish and are taught in danish laws, rules and regulations.

I did it! I got everything ready and I so close to be there. I need another flight from Doha to Sydney – which is just a quick flight of 14 hours. No biggie. 😉

But to get here I needed more than just all the practical things. It takes so much to actually go away again. I have done it before. I have gone to Canada twice for long periods of time. All it takes is some courage and just do it. I will recommend it for everyone – just go just do it. Everyone will support you. It's possible. Sometimes it takes more than just a backpack and you but if you want it I know you can do it.

Don't use the words I CAN'T – use the words I CAN! 😊

Talk to you later.


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