The past few days

For the past few days I have been trying to set my mind to going away for 6 months AGAIN.

It’s insanely hard to leave everyone you love. What you have to remember going away for a little while or a long time is that the world is really small these days. Everyone can follow everything. We are all online all the time everywhere. We can text, talk and send small videos here and there. We are so close!

I am not worried – I am excited to be a part of something getting ME to where I want to be. How can that not be exciting? I love it. I do what feels good to me and my guts and I will always encourage people to follow their dreams and their gut. Don’t do something you have a feeling you will regret – what good will that do you? No good at all. 😉 Speak of experience here.

See ya soon – I can’t wait to start posting and showing my adventure to Australia and New Zealand over the next 6 months. 🙂


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