Just finished “13 reasons why” – and my best word to describe it is POWERFUL. The meaningful word, actions and thoughts that are shared with us viewers, tells a story of all of us basically. We are all someones friend or someones enemy. None of us has everything but we all have something.

I have experienced being bullied in school. I will never compare myself to anyone what so ever because we are all different. But I can honestly say that it did something to me! I became a different person from it.

Luckily I was one of the people with people around me that saw the signs of me being bullied. Because of that I was helped in time. I went to a psychiatrist, my school took action, my friends took action and most of all my parents took action. They went to the moon and back for me. They saw that I was having a hard time and put me down and did not let me go until I told them why I was in pain and angry and so on.

We are all responsible to look for the signs in other people but to be completely honest – we are responsible for our selves! If we are not feeling good WE are the only that can do something about it. Doing something can be anything from asking someone for help og well ask someone for help. We can’t always find the solution our selves. WE ALL NEED HELP.

Be honest to you and be honest to other people – if that requires telling something hard og doing something that will be hard for you and other people – that’s fine. JUST DO IT!

Get help HERE !


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