Farewell party

Friday the 7th of July I had a small gathering for my close friends – so they could all say how much the love me and how much they will miss me the next 6 months. I know very selfish but also something that we all need. I needed my good and close friends around me to say “see you later” and I will admit that it was all for me!

I am a person that has a few friends – some people might say I have a lot. But there is a difference between having friends and then having acquaintances around you. I have some close friends that I will never let go off! When I have a friends that I love and care for I will make them feel it I will let them know that I am there, I will show them and I will give them the feeling that they feel loved – hopefully.

I have had a few friends that I thought was the real deal, that would be there forever. Some I have known for more than 10 years. You just can’t see the future. Sometimes they just isn’t supposed to be in your life in the future. It’s upsetting and unsettling when it happened and it does hurt for quite some time. Especially when you don’t know what happened. Sometimes you just don’t know. We don’t know anything in the world even though we try ask all the right questions.

Back to the party – I had the best friends over. We had some drinks. Listened to music. Laughed. Danced a little. Talked ALOT. Some of us ended up going out in to the CPH nightlife. Oh yeah – it was crazy, maybe not that crazy. LOL. We had such a good time but one of the best things was coming home, eating McD and making a piece og bread with cheese and dip it in holiday dip. I can not say how amazing that tasted – it’s a must try.

All in all I have such a good night and I am so glad that I have these amazing people in my life. Some of my friends couldn’t come but I have still seen them the last few days and I am so excited for them and how their lifes are going. No matter if they are bad things or good things or just big changes in life – I will be there for them. Support them every step of the way. ❤

Remember – be true to yourself and your friends will be true to you too. 🙂


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