Packing for 6 months abroad

Okay okay okay – I am in a pickle!

I am packing for 6 months in Australia and New Zealand. I will only be traveling with a backpack of 65 L and a small one with around 20 L. I need the basics and a lot of hiking stuff. I need to hike everything.

I have traveled with just a suitcase and a small backpack for 1,5 years in Canada but that was different because I had my mom and dad visiting bringing me things and taking home things for me. So I had a bit more room in my suitcase.

But – is there any essentials I need to be aware of, something you noticed you were missing once you started traveling?

I know I need the most important things:

  • Passport – of course
  • Toothbrush
  • Credit cards in plural

I know I need things – but HELP! Give me your best travel advices please 🙂


Hoping this is me soon! (backpacker in Australia)


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