Care package

A month or so ago I received a care package from my friend Merle from Germany. She told me I needed to bring it to Australia and open it down there. When I got it in Copenhagen it was a big package and I just decided today that I needed to open it before because I would not have space for it in my backpack. So I did. I can’t believe how thoughtful and amazing this little thing is.

There was a handwritten note, well actually two of them! There was body wash and shampoo organic, different kinds of tea and a beautiful scarf. What blew my mind the most was the book. She had put in a book she had read a thousand times and that had been almost everywhere with her. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was used and personally said that I needed to bring this because it was a great travel book.

I still can’t believe she took her time to find all of this, write the personal note and make the effort of giving it to a school mate who was going to Copenhagen so I could get it in time to go to Australia. And yes I am going to bring it all with me, tucked in my backpack.

Thank you Merle. ❤


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