I am insane

I did something crazy today – I went for a run. And if someone knows me, they know I do not run. Like ever. I never ever run. I laugh at people who runs and I think it’s stupid. I always wanted to run in the sun when the weather was beautiful. I haven’t been able to because I have very bad knees. But now I tried. I still laugh at people who runs. Haha. It’s still a funny thing to do. I do have more respect now – it’s crazy hard.

I went for a 3 km run – I ran about 80% of the time, did some exercises at a bench and I feel terrible. Like my body is in such bad cardio shape. Lol.

I love it!

I take it all back – respect for runners – it’s darn hard!

Photo 12-05-2017, 13.52.30 (1).jpg


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