The aussies are here

I have had some amazing few days. My beautiful friend Erin, I met I Canada, came to Copenhagen with her lovely friend Brighid. Both lovely ladies I am happy to have met. Crazy aussies I can definitely say!

I just send them off to Stockholm for a few days and then their trip in Europe is over on Wednesday.

They came Thursday and we did absolutely nothing. Stayed home and had a relaxing day with me cooking then some food and a movie night on the couch.

Friday we did some sightseeing and went out in the crazy night life of Copenhagen. That was a great night!

Saturday we were hungover as f! Most of the day went with feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. We did that pretty good! The two girls went out to see some touristy things around town while I took care of my ongoing hangover. (Yeah it was a great night with a lot of fun and laughter)

Today (Sunday) we woke up and I cooked them pancakes for breakfast and we went to Christinia (the free state) and to the red area at Nørrebro. That place was pretty cool. I haven’t been there before myself.

I have had so much fun. Laughed and talked and yay feeling all the way through. Now I am on my way home and looking forward to a good nap.


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