I believe in the best in people

Photo 15-04-2017, 18.00.12

I finally have something I want to say.

First of all – I believe that we can all change our own moods. Today I am having a bit of a down day but I am determined to making it better.

There is something in everyone that I want to believe is the best of them. Does it sound cliche? Well it is because it is!

You know the feeling when you find someone in you life – and you know it’s a person that is really good for you and can make you happy. That can actually be completely true BUT maybe not at that time in your lifes. You can meet a person and see how it can be amazing and good and you also know at the same time that it just isn’t right now. I am currently there. I am actually feeling really good about it. I care for this person. I think this person is amazing and all the positive words you can think of but it is not the right time for us. Maybe it will be at some point or maybe not.

No matter if it is the right time at some point in life or not – think of it like this:

You believe that this person is amazing and you are meeting this person because YOU are amazing. Awesome people meet awesome people. And believe in the best in you and everyone else – walking around being angry or upset won’t do anyone good. It is okay to be having some down time but it is also okay to be happy. Just do whatever you want to do.


Ps I can’t wait to tell you all about my upcoming adventure for 6 months in Sydney, Australia. Stay tuned!


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