New Years Eve 2016/17

This year or last I might have to say – we had a big New Years Eve party at my flat. Me and my roomie Mia had friends coming over for dinner and then the guys from our flat came with their friends later. At the same time all of our friends that couldn’t come for dinner came.

It was a crazy party. A lot of people and a lot of cleaning the next day. Or so I was told. LOL. I woke up at the right time the next morning and a lot of it was cleaned.

I had my lovely friend Merle and her boyfriend Sebastian coming all the way from Hamburg driving up here! They came Friday and left Sunday. Still can’t believe they came. That was amazing.

My friend, from like 13-14 years ago, came here for dinner and party too and it was the best thing ever. We just started connecting again in the fall and I am so grateful for that. He meant the world to me back then and so he does now. Danny is an amazing guy. 🙂

And not to forget, Anne Louise came here too. She lives in Copenhagen now and I love it! She is awesome. She made the best brownie for dessert. YUM!

Here are som photos from that night. I hope everyone jumped in to the new year and are starting it out just right. I know I am following my heart and what I want to do.


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