Starting school – finishing the first semester

Alright alright – sitting with my laptop. Im at my moms on Samsø. Brought all my books. Decided to study for my exams. And I did! I actually looked at old exams and read some standards and rules and so on. But now I just want it all done. I don’t mind exams but I don’t exactly love them either.

I just wanted to say that starting in school again wasn’t exactly the picnic I wanted it to be. It’s cool and I like it. The thing is just – I thought I had always been good at going to school and studying, and I probably was once. But now I am a little different. I can’t wait to be done. I get smarter and I love that! Just the entire going to school that is just not my cup of tea. On the other hand though – it’s pretty cool to see how everything is done and how the teachers are and they are really inspiring. I think that all in all I like it. 🙂

I’m still getting used to the “being in Denmark” part. It’s hard to explain and I think only people that has tried to live away from their homes for a longer period of time and come home, will understand completely. It’s like you left something somehere and you don’t really know how to find it. You are slowly moving towards that goal. I am also really excited about the opportunities it will give me to get this Master going.

My life is definitely getting better and better. I go places and I do what I want to do. 😀

The photos are from my school trip to Singapore in October 🙂


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