Goodiebox – blogly

A few years ago I got a goodiebox every month with the mail. Goodiebox is a box of beauty essentials and new products every month. I absolutely love it. Because Ive been traveling I haven’t used it or been able to get it every month. So now I just started getting the box again. The first box I got was blogly – the blogger company in Denmark. A few bloggers had found their favourite items and put them into a little box.

You should go in to and take a look. It is such a great price and you usually get products worth 3-4 times as much as you pay for it. This is NOT a sponsored post. I just need to show you that I love this.

I am looking forward to getting my next box. And I know I am a student with not a lot of money each much but to me its all about priorities. This is something I want to make a priority. I have tried the hand lotion, the wet brush and the honey bronze facial creme. They are lovely and I can feel how they are chosen very carefully.

It is special that its different bloggers wanting to show us how they do things in their everyday. Thank you!

Btw. I got my 10% off this box from Mascha Vang. Go and follow her blog



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