Trip to London

In June I went to London and met up with my friend from Jasper Carmen. She is such a beautiful soul and I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without her now. Dont really know how I survived without her. But hey she is amazing. She had been traveling around in Europe and her last trip before going back to Jasper was London. I met up with her and had 3 days or so with her. We walked and walked and walked. Not sure how much we walked but we saw pretty much all the things you HAVE to see when you are there.

One thing we didn’t get was fish’n’chips and I hate myself a tiny bit because of that. But hey I can go there again and get it! LOL.

Here are some pictures of my little getaway. Btw the weather was actually good. Most of the time it was cloudy. We did have a great day and a half or so with absolutely amazing weather. Only a little rain. I brought my umbrella but only used it once.

London is not that rainy – just saying 😉

Have a great day.


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