That icy spot in the middle of nowhere

Another one a little late – here it is. My trip with friends from Jasper to the Ice Cave. Pictures pretty much says it all. I miss Jasper and Canada!

Monday 14th of March me and a group of awesome people went to the Ice Cave. It is located on the way towards Lake Louise from Jasper. It’s about 1 hour and 15 min drive. We finally did it. We talked about it and tried to plan it so many times but for some reason (mostly me being tired and lame excuses after work. lol) we didn’t go before that.

I have some amazing photos from there.


DSC02408 DSC02413 DSC02498

DSC02342 DSC02357 DSC02377 DSC02392 DSC02396 DSC02428 DSC02429 DSC02434 DSC02441 DSC02468 DSC02502DSC02352 DSC02359 DSC02506


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