Birthday 2016

I turned 18 (okay okay okay I’ll tell the truth, I turned 26 February 16th) and I wanted to spend it with my friends.

On my birthday I went out for a delicious dinner with amazing people at C200 where I work. I got a free birthday entree so that was the obvious choice. I have some awesome people around me. I had a surprise dish – Isaac in the kitchen was feeling creative and made some salmon with a lot of thing with it. Can’t remember it all – I just remember it tasted delicious.

The weekend after Ashley and I went to Banff to meet up with a group of my friends. Some from Calgary, Panorama, Banff, Vancouver and Canmore. It turned out to be such a good weekend. We went to Lake Louise, out for dinner and Nourish Bistro in Banff. Went for breakfast and a walk in town. Just all in all an amazing birthday.

I have amazing friends around me and we sure know how to have fun. It was great and my stomach was hurting from all the laughing. Great drive down to Banff. We picked up to hitchhikers from Jasper and drove them all the way to Lake Louise. Okay – there is absolutely nothing between Jasper and Lake Louise expect a saskatchewan crossing. But so beautiful! 😀

Here is some photos. They will come all in one here – easier for me right now. Hihi

Photo 19-02-2016, 9 32 18 pm Photo 19-02-2016, 9 54 30 pm Photo 19-02-2016, 10 41 41 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 3 08 13 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 9 32 48 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 12 02 47 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 12 05 25 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 12 13 06 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 12 12 58 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 12 12 35 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 7 30 11 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 7 42 30 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 8 48 53 pm Photo 20-02-2016, 9 00 51 pm Photo 21-02-2016, 11 14 10 am Photo 21-02-2016, 4 26 22 pm Photo 21-02-2016, 4 12 45 pm


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