I am one of those that really don’t like stories and rumours. I know that no one likes them but some people like hearing something about a guy or a girl they started hanging out with or a new friend or whatever that person is. For me I don’t want to know all that. When I meet a new person it is a NEW person. And from that time I am getting to know that person and not the person from the past. At some point in life we all go through things and it is up to that single person to figure out when he or she wants to tell their friends about a previous life or something that happened.

I don’t want to hear stories or anything from anyone else.

I am just wondering why it is that people does that. Sure I’m no angel myself I have things sometimes I have to say to someone. It’s all because we want to help that person – protect them. I will admit that I do that myself too. But I try not to.

Let’s pretend that this person is a completely different person than all the stories says – why should that person be punished for something in the past?!

I know my past is crazy and I don’t want to have my past defining my future.


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