A trip down Panorama lane

In the end of January I visited my friends in Panorama – it was freaking awesome! (I sound like a teenager and I love it)

I drove down Thursday afternoon and I was so tired. Had work that morning and then straight to Panorama. We went out to T-bar and had dinner that turned in to drinks and way too much dancing. My body did tell me that I was dancing too much so my back started crazy hurting. I survived but not without being really really tired tho. It was a good night. I stayed at my beautiful friend Lauras place all the time. She is amazing – such an amazing spirit.

The rest of the visit was just great. I went skiing again after 7 weeks away from my skies and snowboard, I celebrated Aussie day, went to the bar way too much, laughed and saw my most loved friends. The skiing went well and I was so happy that I got out. Haven’t been out since I came back from Panorama though. Some part of me just don’t want to and the snow isn’t that great. But I should get up there. Another day – laziness calls on me quite often. Lol.

Here are som photos from my little trip.

Photo 21-01-2016, 7 36 43 pm Photo 22-01-2016, 8 08 16 pm Photo 23-01-2016, 5 00 54 pm Photo 23-01-2016, 5 32 51 pm Photo 25-01-2016, 1 44 33 pm Photo 25-01-2016, 1 44 41 pm Photo 25-01-2016, 5 34 27 pm Photo 25-01-2016, 3 50 35 pm Photo 29-01-2016, 8 43 22 am Photo 29-01-2016, 8 43 34 am


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