Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Hola – sorry for the quiet time on the blog, more on that later.

Monday and Tuesday in the middle of January the company I work for MPL Jasper (Mountain Park Lodges Jasper) had a staff possibility to go on a ice walk in Maligne Canyon! I signed up with my roommate and we went Tuesday the 12th.

It was absolutely beautiful and definitely worth doing. I actually had to slide down my ass a few times. Haha. That was pretty funny. It’s better to do that than fall I decided. I can tell that it is a 2 hours walk and maybe about 4 km. It all depends on the temperature and how the ice and canyon is. Everything is of course depending on the nature. Some days it is cancelled and some days it is the perfect scenario for it.

Here are a few really good photos. 🙂

DSC02280 Photo 12-01-2016, 11 05 00 am DSC02298 DSC02301 DSC02320 G0022535 G0082597 Photo 12-01-2016, 9 43 18 am Photo 12-01-2016, 10 28 02 am Photo 12-01-2016, 11 01 56 am DSC02310


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