Absence from the blog



I am sorry for my absence on the blog. I have honestly been tuning out a little bit. I have been focusing on me and relaxing my brain a little and being more there in the real life. I know the blog is also real but it is more a break sometimes we all need. And I just started doing more stuff around town with friends. I finally feel like I have the energy for it. I am not so upset about my back injury anymore and I feel so much better. In less pain also means that I have more room for doing things that doesn’t require me to rest rest and rest.

I feel more comfortable and relaxed these days because I can finally see an ending to all this stupid pain. I can see that I will be good but may have to take a little care of myself.

I have also gone through the 1 year anniversary for my uncles death. I remember last year January 31st like yesterday. Woke up 1 am in the morning and saw that my parents was trying to get a hold of me. I knew that it was bad since they would never try to contact me like that if it wasn’t important. I had good friends around me all that day and one of them in particular stands out because he went above what I ever expected of him. Two other friends took their time in the middle of the night to take care of crying me and I will forever be grateful for all of them. This day this year was hard but because I have been so far away when it happened. It feels so different and the way I have been dealing with it has been strange. Being away from family that needed me has been the hardest part of it all. Especially being away from my mom that really needed me to be there and had a harder time with all this than she would probably ever admit. Everyone of course had a hard time but I think my mom struggled more than anyone, especially me, expected. She is so strong and she is doing so good. He will always be in hours hearts.

I do miss my family and friends and I feel like this time around is harder for me. My snowboard accident has definitely put me out a bit and when something like that happens you miss the ones that are closest to you even more. Can only deal with it.

But here I am looking forward to whatever comes. Had a few really good weeks. And I will be putting out some posts about that in the next few days. Went to Panorama for a visit, been ice skating, watched the Super Bowl (tonight), worked and just lived life.



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