My 2015

How I wish I could say only good things about my 2015 when my 2014 was shitty as ever but unfortunately some bad things happened too.

I will start will all the amazing things happening to me:

  • I went in to the new year at midnight with some amazing friends around a bonfire in Panorama, BC and some surprises (but isn’t that always how a new years eve supposed to be? Haha). Oh and I got to spend the first 3,5 months in Panorama, working and living with insanely awesome people! That has to be one of the best things 2015 started out with.
  • I turned 25 – I know I look like 18 (well I am definitely allowed to think so LOL) I had such a good day. My friends surprised me at work with cake and happy bday song and gifts, I did cry a little but only happy tears. All afternoon and night we partied like crazy people, I might have been the crazy one but I seem to be always so I don’t really care. Only minor things happened, unfortunately my friend spend the night in the hospital but she turned out alright and just needed to sleep the alcohol out. LOL
  • I went a week to Cancun, Mexico. A group of people from pano in all inclusive for a week turned out to be one of the greatest ideas of the century kinda. We had a blast and all needed the break after all the minus degrees and snow. Summer, sun and warmth did us all good. We also went on a day trip to Chichen Itza and saw one of the worlds seven wonders. A very hard day trip after a few (read: too many) tequilas the day before.
  • Quite a few roadtrips happened:
    • Marc and me went from Calgary to Jasper, then to Panorama and further on to Vancouver and I drove back from Vancouver to Calgary. Really good trip! Good company and very beautiful views.
    • Anne-Louise and I went on a longer one for almost 3,5 weeks. Toronto – Niagara Falls – New York City (OH YES) – Quebec City – Mont Tremblant – Montreal – Oshawa – Toronto. It was such a good trip. Don’t think I’ve laughed that much in such a short amount of time. What an experience. Oh and we met up with Conor in New York City. A very pleasent surprise.
  • My parents visited! YAY. I got to show them Vancouver. We also did a roadtrip down the states. Vancouver BC – Astoria OR – Eureka CA – San Francisco CA – Las Vegas NV – Camp Verde AZ – Grand Canyon AZ – Zion National Park UT – Twin Falls ID – Vancouver BC. 3 weeks with my parents was a very fun trip. It was so good to see them and to have that experience with them and we needed it on top of some bad years!
  • I moved to Vancouver – a beautiful city and I had a great place. Downtown downtown! I lived there all summer and honestly loved it.
  • I went to a music festival in Canada! Hihi so cool. Squamish Valley Music Festival 2015 turned out to be a blast. Marc, Jess, Josh and I decided to go and it was good. So many good artists. There is always small things to put my fingers on but I honestly overall had a really good festival.
  • My friend Simon went on a roadtrip that took him to Vancouver where he picked me up and we went up to Whistler and camped for a few days. I saw my first bear and another 5 those days! 😀 Good days – pretty cold and rained but we just always seem to be having a good time when we are together.
  • A very fun and well alcohol filled farewell party was held for me a week before I left Canada! Party! 😀 Haha.
  • I got my visa approved for another year in Canada! YES! 😀 😀 I got a one year visa and contract in Jasper starting 1st of December 2015. That ended out in me arriving in Vancouver 17th of November and stayed there for 10 days. Saw all my friends and enjoyed Vancouver for a few more days. Then I moved to Jasper on the 28th of November and have been here since. 😀
  • I moved in with my new roommate Ashley from New Zealand – such an amazing girl and another one in my friends group that won’t get rid of me. Muhahah!


The not so amazing things:

  • After a few bad months my uncle died on the 31st of January. He sure didn’t deserve to die. And I miss him so much. He was sick for some time and his body just gave up. The good part is that my family is now closer then ever and I am very happy about that.
  • Unfortunately I had to go home to Denmark in September 2015. I didn’t get a full time job in Vancouver and I felt it was my time to go home for a bit and figure out my new visa plans.
  • I got my heart broken again – but that’s not a new thing. With everything I’ve been through I know that my heart will keep getting broken and I will keep getting stronger each and every time!
  • I seem to miss Jonas more and more every day but every day also gets easier to live with the longing for him. ❤
  • I fell on my snowboard and hurt my back really bad and I’m currently struggling with getting that fixed! Getting better every day though!


When I write all this down I can’t stop smiling – fortunately most of what has happened in 2015 are good things. Things that has made me stronger, a better person and made me capable of loving again. I will forever be grateful for the new and the old friends in my life. They have pushed me, supported me and cried with me the last year. They helped me become who I am today and the person I will be tomorrow. To begin with this post was so hard for me to write; which good things did actually happen, how can I be happy with my life, why am I never the one being lucky, why do bad things always happen to me. I honestly couldn’t see the good life I have for all the bad I’ve been through in life. But the more I thought about it the more I realised that I have been blessed with opportunities and loving people in my life – and I will embrace that!

Happy New Years and I am very much looking forward to my 2016.



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