Follow up on my back injury

I am in constant pain – pretty much never stops hurting except for a few times during each day. Wednesday my physiotherapist told me that I need about 8 weeks of recovery with 2 times of physio the first 4 weeks and then 1 time each week after that. Besides that I need to do exercises each day! My vertebrae is pressed together on the lower right hand side and my hip is pressed and a little mis placed on the left side, on top of that my muscles are very tense. I’m just so bummed about this shit! Sorry for my language. But I’m not allowed to go skiing until at least february and I’m really upset about it. I know my health is important but it has just put some steps back and it gets to me. I know I’ll be fine again but I still feel like it’s okay for me to be upset about at least a little.



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