Wine incident

Very excited I walked down to town to do some shopping etc. and bought two bottles of wine. Went by the super market to buy some groceries too. Pretty heavy to carry a gallon of milk, wine, a blender (bought one) and some other stuff. So close to be home I saw a guy in front of me falling on all the hard packed ice on the road and thought; be carefull there, it looks pretty icy and very slippery. It sure was – not even 2 seconds after I walk the same place and boom there I was on the ice with all my bags. Say good girl Maria; me with a bad back and heavy grocery; that’s the way to go!

The most unfortunate thing happened; MY BOTTLES OF WINE BROKE! BOTH OF THEM! Of course that is to happen to me. Maybe the universe told me not to drink wine. I sure proved the universe wrong 😛 See here in Jasper there is free wine delivery until 1 am, so why wouldn’t I use that now that my beautiful bottles of wine went in the trash. And so I did. Ordered and 20 min later I had a beautiful and delicious bottle of wine in my hands!


Forrest Gump on Netflix and some wine will make a great night!

Have a good one and cheers. XO



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