Jasper arrival

Just realised I haven’t made a post about my arrival in Jasper. Such a bad blogger I am! 😛

I arrived about 2 weeks ago; Saturday the 28th of november pretty early in the morning with the greyhound. That bus drive was over 10 hours long and not that comfortable if I have to say so. I left Vancouver late Friday at 7 pm and Helge and Marc came to send me off – two amazing friends!
Early Saturday morning I arrived and went straight to the hotel to get my key for my staff acc and I got pretty much straight in to bed. Only issue was my luggage. I had too much stuff and had to walk twice. Lol. I made it and slept a couple of hours. Later that night I met up with Jess for a drink; she wanted to welcome me to Jasper. Very sweet! When I came back I saw that my new roommate had moved in – she is one nice person! Her name is Ashley and she is from New Zealand. She is 26 years young and just has an amazing spirit. Such a happy and positive person and we fit really well! Good match from HR there.

Here are some photos of my place:

When I arrived early in the morning it was just beautiful. The sun was just about to go up and there was just snow everywhere. So pretty!
Photo 28-11-2015, 7 57 28 a.m.

Photo 28-11-2015, 7 57 36 a.m.

Photo 28-11-2015, 7 57 42 a.m.

Sunday me and my roommate decided to go and do some grocery shopping so we had some basic things in the fridge and had a little hot chocolate and chai latte and the cute little café in town; or one of them. And this is my roommate:
Untitled 2m

I’m gonna watch a movie now – Cheers and have a great night!


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