Psychical pain

Somehow psychical pain can be so much more than just psychical. It sounds strange but there is something about it. Some people go through life with mental issues and from that they have very horrible psychical pains and the other way around.

When I sit here with my very bad back pain I feel that I’m mentally a bit more down than usual. I’m still the happy positive me but there is something that changes when you’re in pain. I miss the people closest to me! My closest friends and family.

Most of all of wish I had the closest ones right here with me. Not to do more than just watch a movie or play a deck of cards or whatever it could be. The comfort of those people around would be great. I do have a great roommate and I enjoy her company but I have just met her and that is just different. She will be a close friend, she already is, but there’s just something about the friends you’ve known for a while or some of them are just good at calming you down and soothing you in a special way.

I miss them bad some days and me being in pain I miss them even more! I’m pathetic and complain constantly and they know exactly how to deal with me because they know me so well. Lol. If they like it or not they do know me and I like that – so don’t really care if they do. Haha.

Just remember not to hurt yourself on your snowboard in general but never hurt your back; it is such a pain in the a**!

Like my friend said: do I have to come and kick your ass soon? Feel like something keeps happening around you. She was so right haha.

And another one: maybe just stick to skies. He is probably right too but knowing me I won’t, I’ll be back on my snowboard soon or when I can with my back. Rest first!

Rest and take care – doctors order!



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