I finally got a diary again. I have this blog and use it regularly. But there is just somethings you want in a private place. Some people just keep it for themselves but I am one of those who loves to write and it has been helping me for years to write it down. I’ve been doing it since I was maybe 10 years old.

I get my thoughts out; as you’ve seen here too. But I also get to take some of the thought away from my head and store them in a little box; in this case my diary. It’s a bit more private. There is some things I don’t want I my blog. It is my deep and inner feelings and thoughts and those are only for me.

But I try to get some personal things on my blog too. It shows more than just what I’m up too; it shows me and therefore there has to be some kind of personal access to me on here.

I’m on my way for a, hopefully, good nights sleep. Cheers.


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