My unknown bucket list …

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So my unknown bucket list:

  • Tobogganing down from a mountain with ski patrol √
  • Screaming like an insane person √
  • Ambulance in Jasper, Canada √
  • Hurting my back so bad √
  • Insane hospital bills √


Sometimes you can cross off things on a bucket list you didn’t knew you had! I did that yesterday with top grades!

I went snowboarding with staff from MPL Jasper (my work) and it started out to be an amazing day; it was snowing on the mountain and everything was just set for a good day. I decided to take my snowboard up to get some mileage in that too. We started out getting coffee and muffins and a good introduction to the Marmot Basin company. Really excited about getting out on the slopes with all the snow dumping down.

Finally got out there, the instructor was good and I finally wasn’t afraid of turning and nailed it! Got confident and not afraid of it. I did so well! I actually turned and really good turns and a good speed, I was sooo proud of myself!

Then we decided to go on the bigger chair to go down a bit longer green run … and then this happened:

Photo 08-12-2015, 1 40 30 p.m. (1)

I fell – and bad! I somehow caught an edge on my snowboard and hit my back extremely bad!! It felt like someone had taken a knife and put it in my lower back and kept turning it around. What an uncomfortable feeling! I screamed and screamed; I have never screamed like that before – NEVER! I have never felt pain like that before. Some of the screaming was also because I was really scared about what had happened to my back. I could move my feet and legs and arms, so I was still mobile. All my lems were intact. Ski patrol came and put me on a spine board and down to lower patrol – they had already called an ambulance from the mountain when they picked me up. They wanted to get me to the hospital and X-ray my spine and neck. I’m happy they did but what a struggle.

Luckily the hospital told med that everything looked fine after the X-rays and it was a really bad bruise I got on my back and rest and pain killers was the way to go! So thankful that it was all! I believe that some angel (Jonas – and his birthday yesterday) watched over me. It could’ve turned so bad and I could have been paralysed or dead. It hurts really bad still and will do for a little while but I know it will be okay as long as I rest and take care of myself.

That was a scare and I was really scared and in so much pain. I wasn’t allowed to move at all and just struggled with everything pretty much. I’m home and happy and had a good roommate that brought my wallet and things so I could go home. She walked with me and walking is good I can feel. I went to work for the breakfast shift today and have another one tomorrow. That is okay; I just can’t lift too heavy things.

So yes – good one Maria – you nailed it for sure! LOL

Cheers out there – and yes it is dumping snow still and I’m crying on the inside not being up there on my skies today!

[vidcore vid=”52KePrPd”]


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