Sunday thoughts

Sometimes I imagine a world where I get the things in return that I give?! It’s not a world I see anytime soon. I give and give and I help everyone close to me, the ones I care for. But time after time I see myself pushed away OR getting nothing in return? And no this is not an attack on anyone or anything like that. I just wonder how it can be that some people just always take and take and take and never give back.

I do my very best and all of me help everyone! I help and I do what I can to make people feel amazing and to go where they want in life. And here I sit and can’t help thinking about all the times I have helped people and gotten nothing in return? They just kept taking and just expected it to happen. They were not grateful or thankful – they saw it as a thing that was just supposed to be there! Always what I did so why would I NOT help! Of course I always did and always do – what those people just don’t understand is that I remember. I remember them not being thankful – not saying thanks or showing it – and just USING me! I remember and I don’t just let be. I will stop helping. the funny thing is that when I do stop – they wonder if I’m okay or what has happened to me. And all I can say is; you happened to me, you weren’t grateful or thankful or cherished my friendship and now I’m done being your friend!

I do everything I can for the people closest to me – but I promise you that I expect thankfulness and a cherished friendship in return or I just won’t be there the next time you need help!

Remember to cherish and be thankful for the ones helping you. If they help you in need and you expect it from them; pull yourself away for your own little bubble and actually see that person, see what the person is doing and cherish that – you don’t get that often!

YOU DON’T FIND ME THAT OFTEN OR PEOPLE LIKE ME! WILLING TO HELP WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. I just want gratefulness in return. Please don’t throw or push people away that deeply care for you.

Don’t be blind – see what you have right in front of you!



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