My hair routine

I’m letting you in on a little secret of mine – and a pleasure. From february until september I didn’t use shampoo at all. I just washed my hair in water but more often then when I used shampoo. I had really great hair and I really loved it. Then I went home to Denmark and the water there is so different from Canada so unfortunately my hair got really weird and I started using shampoo again. But I only wash my hair with shampoo maksimum once a week. If it needs a little update I just rinse it in water.

Untitled 2

My routine is:

I wash my hair with shampoo or water and really scrub it good with my hands. Then when it is wet I put protective oil in the bottom half of my hair. The last step is to spray some saltwater spray in. The oil and the spray both protects against heat from blowdryer, straightening iron and so on. I try not to use the blowdryer or straightener since it is not good for my hair. Most of the time it airdrie but not always possible, especially not with minus degrees outside.


1. MOP C-system hydrating shampoo, find it here. 2. LuxeOil with keratin protection, find it here. 3. Kérastase couture styling Spray à Porter, find it here.

Just a little preview of my favourite products for my hair!

Cheers out there


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