Change the rules of dating

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I have been wondering for a while now – why is it always the guy that has to contact and invite the girl out? Yes that is the way is has ALWAYS been but try to look at it this way: how is the guy supposed to know that the girl is interested if she never contacts him or invite him out?!

This is something that has changed a bit for some years – I have experienced that. The guy is more willing to invite you out or show interest if it goes both ways. But at the same time girls really wants to be taken care of and feel speciel. It is one of the things that makes girls all giggly and happy.

So guys lets do this – you can try this:

  • Make sure to contact the girl on a regular base
  • Show the girl that you are interested in her and her life, previous and current
  • Don’t be lovie dovie but give her some nice compliments
    • Could be: the best feature on you is … – Your smile is beautiful – That jacket looks nice on you – and so on … It’s the small compliments that can make that little girl inside smile and want more.
  • Make sure to give her some space and let her come to you too.
  • Show the real you
  • Be honest at all times! This is probably the most important one. No one can know who you are and what kind of person you want to be if you are keeping her on the outside. I don’t mean tell her everything but just don’t keep anything from her that can have consequences. See my post about honesty here.
  • Try to feel in yourself what you really want – if you don’t want it then don’t play around with the girl and give her false hope!

Girl – do this:

  • Give the guy a chance to find his way to you BUT give him some obvious clues that you want it.
  • Show yourself from your best side and give him that little pretty smile
  • YOU have to contact him. Don’t be desperate but just give him some nice texts maybe saying: thank you for yesterday it was a good day or I liked you in that jacket (YES guys needs these compliments too)
  • DON’T BE AFRAID! Please don’t be afraid to throw yourself out there and feel! Be ready to give yourself to someone IF they show you they are interesting.
  • Make sure that you don’t play a bitch and get all “oh he’s not texting me, blah blah blah” – it does no one good and just makes the guy run away from all the drama.

All both sides truly need is being relaxed and honest with themselves and each other – that is the best way to go!

Go ahead and try some things out. Please let me know if I’m missing anything. Comment below and I will try to do a follow up. Does anyone have any good ideas on more bullets?




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