Personal thoughts

Photo 17-11-2015, 12 01 48 p.m.

I know this will be very personal. But her I’m sitting on my way to London and then Vancouver afterwards and I’m just listening to music in the plane. One song comes up – Coming home. I sent it to my friends when I decided to go from Vancouver to Denmark and it was a very happy feeling for me. Now I’m kinda coming home again, this time it’s just Canada. For me Canada is my home at the moment. It is where my life has been since November and will be for the next year. I’m moving to Jasper and I know this will be amazing. I do this for me and no one else. I do this because I got the opportunity to do so! I was ready for house, marriage, kids and everything that follows. I wouldn’t have been where I am today, mentally and physically, if is hadn’t gone through the loss of my boyfriend/husband or the accident my mom was in or the death of my uncle or anything else in between, before and after. I have grown so much the last years. My strength is amazing and I don’t say that to sound to egoistic but I know I’m strong! I know I can do anything I set my mind to. I know that I have a personality that is very positive and I don’t take shit from anyone. The love I had and still have and always till have for my dead husband is strong and real. I miss him everyday – I will admit that. But I have gone so far since then and I know that it will all get easier to live with. It has always changed my life and I really do smile when I think of him. My mind knows that he is my guardian angel and makes sure I follow my heart and don’t let people treat me bad. He taught me to be gentle but honest with myself. As long as I’m honest with myself I can be honest with the beautiful people I have around me.

The beautiful life I have today is just something I will love and enjoy. I know that there will be hard times no matter where I go or do but man with what I’ve been through in my 25 years I can o conquer the world! I know I can and I will!
The people in my life knows I love them dearly and that I will do anything for them. I always have and always will. The people in my life also knows that if they aren’t honest with me I will throw them out of my life. They know that I’m honest and expect them to do the same! But once you are one of the most important persons in my life I make sure you know it!
When I care and love people in my life I do it will all my heart – sometimes that hurts and sometimes it gives me the most amazing experiences and times with them!

I am very soft and I am very hard. I can be a bitch and you’ll know it or I can be so sweet. My bitchi side is not pretty and I don’t like it – but I’ll only show it if someone really bulldoze me.

I have amazing people in my life and I cherish them with every cell in my body.

I know that Jonas knew I loved him and now miss him with every inch of me!


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