Angel reading

I tried angel reading last saturday. It was only a 20 min taste of it but it was pretty interesting to try. I went in and the primary thing I got out of it was a card I drew saying “Release”. the arch angel Michael came down to me and told me to let go of something in my past that had affected my life in a huge way. It was filled with grieve and love. What I need to let go off was a thing that has impacted my life in such a way that I had grown up very fast. Everyone needs to look forward and not backwards but that doesn’t mean that anything needs to be forgotten or put away in a box. What I have to let go could also be someone or something in my current life that needs to me something in my past.

Everything the lady said was accurate. I currently have things in my life that I need to let go off. And the very present thing/person I need to let go off, I need to let go off BECAUSE of my past situation. The situation that has caused me a lot of pain and grieve, has been something that might have been a barrier for the person I need to let go off now!

People come and go in life. Just remember to enjoy the time you have with them while they are there.

“Some people you meet and have an amazing time with and then you move on”



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