The Vampire Diaries

My number #1 TV series is definitely The Vampire Diaries! I am deeply in love in all the love drama and I have the biggest crush on Ian Somerhalder – no doubt about that. He is just mysterious, sexy, bad boy, sweet, romantic and just plain FUCKING hot! (sorry about my swearing, haha)

I mean – look at the guy! He is just stunning! I am such a fan of the series and he just makes it even better. The show just gets me in and I feel like I’m one of the girls being all in love and very giggly. LOL. I know it sounds strange and very teenage kinda even though I’m 25 years old. But it is a very guilty pleasure and I LOVE it!


He plays Damon Salvatore in the series and his brother in the series is just sexy as F too! Yes look at this. Real life name is Paul Wesley but in the series his name is Stefan Salvatore. YUM! My favourite will still be Ian though! But I like watching both of them. 😀


Try to watch it if you haven’t yet – If you are a little in to drama, boy meets girl, another boy meets the same girl, vampires, supernatural things, more drama and everything in between, then this is something for you!

Cheers 🙂


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