Packing packing

I am packing everything so I’m ready for Tuesday when I fly to Canada. But why is it that us girls needs our entire closet everytime we travel? It’s even the entire closet if we only travel for a weekend. There is no difference if you travel a weekend or a year  you still need everything possible to bring with you. And yes – the new shoes is the most important thing to bring. The special facial lotion, that jacket, that purse or that dress that makes you look sexy – you need it all!

Here is some of my musthaves (no judging please 😉 )

  1. My new sexy boots. I can not travel without. Find them HERE


  1. My jacket I bought in Whistler. It is just perfect for fall and spring or under a big winter jacket. Find it HERE54283_899_main_large
  2. My beautiful dress I bought in H&M Vancouver the day before I left. It is just something I can wear for everything. So sophisticated and sexy at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s still for sale anywhere. m_55ef1b0044adba6dfb021e93
  3. The dress needs amazing shoes. And I have a classic stiletto but with a twist. I can’t go to Canada without them that’s for sure! Find them HERE.


I have a feeling that with these items I will survive everything. Yes – I am certain of that! 😛

This is how it all looked just before I started trying to get it all in a stupid suitcase (read: Maria has issues bringing everything she wants, she needs to sort out and be smart about it).

Photo 13-11-2015, 4 20 49 p.m.

Cheers and have a great rainy/windy day/night. It’s raining and insanely windy here – I might say a storm. I’m inside watching TV enjoying the nice warm feeling under the cover. 🙂


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