Oh yeah – it is final – I’m going back to Canada! I’m pretty excited about this. I have a second time around. I’m going to Canada in the middle of November and I will be moving to Jasper for a year! An entire year! 😀 So happy and excited. Before I go to Jasper I’m going to Vancouver for a little while and visit friends. Then I will start my travels towards Jasper and the beginning of a year working at that beautiful place!

I will be working at a hotel as a server. I have a place to live and a job and will be enjoying the winter and summer in Jasper. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping and anything that comes with it. I look forward to have that experience. Different from my first trip.

I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences here. Please let me know if you – as the reader – has any preferences to read about on my blog. Thanks! 😀

DSC01030 DSC01033

Beautiful place! ❤


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