Knæk Cancer

In this week we have a fight cancer week in Denmark. It’s one of the TV stations who are hosting it and a lot of companies etc are joining with different things. You can support and win cars, trips, money etc. It’s a huge thing and the first time it aired was week 43 2012. This was exactly a week after Jonas got diagnosed with cancer. Pretty ironic! That week me and Jonas watched pretty much everything. He just started all his different tests and on the way to start treatment so we were pretty interested in listening to this and what it was about. It’s a great initiativ. All the money goes to the cancer society here in Denmark. They use it for patients, research and everything concerning cancer.

Last year I was a part of this week. 2014 I went live and was interviewed by one of the hosts in the evening show. The day I was live was the day they had their big bus in Næstved – the town I lived in. That day it was all about lung cancer and they heard about Jonas’ and mine story and decided to ask if I wanted to join for an interview and I said yes. My parents and Jonas’ mom, big brother and his girlfriend, and some other people were down there and supported it. It was a very moving interview and of course not easy to talk about at all – and definitely not live. But I really think it turned out good. I heard from a lot of people afterwards that they were moved and it was a beautiful interview. Unfortunately it can’t be seen online anymore (tried to find it). So can’t even show it here. But I have a photo from it I will put up.

The person interviewing me was Lisbeth Østergaard and she is the most amazing person. She is kind and passionate about people and life. I’m glad it was her interviewing me. It was really nice and she made sure it was a good experience.

For me this week this year is a bit different. I don’t feel like I need or want to see all the programs about cancer. I don’t feel any different about the loss of my husband so for me it’s just another week. Of course I have donated som money and hope that it will do good for fighting cancer in the future.

A small amount of money can do a lot!

Photo 22-10-2015, 4 09 48 p.m. Photo 22-10-2015, 4 09 52 p.m.


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