Honesty – really that hard?

So here I am sitting and wondering – is it really too much to ask about – honesty? Seriously everywhere I go I am honest about who I am and what I do. But how hard is it for everyone else to be honest?!

I’m in a situation where I am just sick and tired of bullshit! I know it sounds hard but it’s really how I feel about it.

People ignoring me instead of being honest – can’t deal with it. How freaking hard can it be to just say a very short and honest text og sentence about how things are! Apparently really hard. All my life I have grown up with parents who has taught me that honesty is the only way you will never loose yourself in any situation. I know that not everyone thinks is easy to tell the truth – or at least the full truth. But it is just really easy not to be a d**k and just say “hey this is how things are”. No need to tell every single detail but at least just say how it is! Yes – I do know that the truth can hurt like SHIT but at least it is something to deal with!

I’m just tired of putting myself out there – showing the people I care about the real me, and just telling the truth. And like I said – no I don’t tell the entire story with details, I just make sure that I don’t bullshit people! I’m just sick and tired of it!

Guys and girls out there – step the F up and be honest! Don’t let a third person tell someone else how things are – tell them yourself! 

Pull yourselves to-F’ing-gether!


3c49399f46342f2edf26630570f14d2d Honesty-1


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