Baby baby baby!!

From friday to sunday I’ve been visiting two of my favorit people in the world! Tanita and Casper. I have know Tanita since I was about about 12 maybe. Can’t really remember when I started in the school council etc. but pretty much since then. They got married a couple of years ago and I was a bridesmaid. Very honoured to have that title btw. Beautiful people and the most amazing personalities!

In april they had a baby girl – Xenia. She is so beautiful. And such a happy baby too. They are always there for me! They have supported me through everything and still are.

Saturday they told me that I would have been a big part of their daughters christening if I were in Denmark. That is amazing! I felt very touched because they see me as a very important person in their life!

It was amazing seeing them again! No idea when that will happen again. But I know where they are and how to contact them.

Photo 25-09-2015, 14 46 03 Photo 25-09-2015, 14 33 35 Photo 25-09-2015, 13 07 52


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