Don’t even get me started on this one. HAHA!

Sometimes I’m impressed that us girls keep going on. I know it’s because we like them and they give us something incredible in more than one way LOL. Yesterday I woke up angry! Just deep shit angry. I had a dream about a guy being rude and stupid. In my dream I yelled so bad at this poor guy that I was crying and screaming all sort of stuff at the poor fellow. I was so angry that I woke up feeling angry and having tears in my eyes. When I get really angry I cry. And that is exactly how I woke up that morning. My dream was so real that I was actually in real life annoyed at this guy – for something he did in my dream! So crazy. I think my mind i trying to tell me something. Maybe there is something I need to tell him?

We are all crazy ass bitches! Haha. XOXO bc02a2f7ab402686341880c620ae3569 d3a4f78ae3a7c31b1f0bd1fca827494f funnypissed


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