I keep running into walls!

I feel like my life keeps giving me these stupid challenges. “Hey Maria you need to run into this wall and see if your strong enough to tear it down!” All I want is just 1 more winter season and preferable in Canada. And that just can’t happen. I keep trying everything and I keep being pushed down. I finally had an option today. I went to talk to the travel company that helped me last year to get over here and he said I had good chances to get a permit with something in my field. I thought I had a position a little on hold at the ski resort I was at last year. That would be perfect it was in my field and something I had the experience in the permit needed. Then I am told that the position is filled and they can’t help me! Again I’m being pushed down. I don’t know why I keep trying! Well I really want it. I want to go back to Panorama for the winter. I just want the winter. But because I’m danish it has to be such a struggle. The permit I just realised I could get is perfect for me but unfortunately the resort can’t offer me a job in that area anymore. And there ends my journey again again.

Such a weird day! I will keep going and try to see what happens in the future but right now I will allow myself to be upset!

I will be back in Pano – somehow!



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