Crazy friend


Okay – so I asked one of my best friends from home about what she thought would be good subjects to write about on my blog and she said: write about me me me. I will write some posts about some people in my life the next couple of months! Just so you can get an idea of what kind of crazy friends I actually have!

So here it goes!

Annette Sørensen. I don’t even know how to explain you – crazy ass bitch! haha.

I’ve probably known Annette since I was 11 when I started school on Samsø. Holy shit, a snobby girl from Copenhagen coming to this little island society – HELL NO! That went well for like – never. But Annette somehow saw more than that in me and decided to trust me and be my friend. And friend she became! We spent insane amount of time together. We were definitely not angels even though we really tried hard to get everyone around us to think we were. LOL.

The Sims, hiding alcohol in my room, getting so drunk and trying to keep it together in front of my parents was how a lot of weekends went. Haha.

I remember one time we were house sitting my house because my parents had to do something. And we put the two couches together and slept in the livingroom for a week. We opened the door one day for the dogs to go out in the morning, like they always did, and the always came back within 30 min. But this morning they didn’t! And of course we had to go to school. So we were freaking out and running around my parents garden and the fields around it (a really nice area, just fields and nowhere for the dogs to actually get lost, everyone knew us) and yelled like idiots. About 10 min later when we really to leave we decided to leave the door open and tell my neighbours about it. Luckily the two stupid dogs came back in that second all happy. Annette was freaking out and crying because she thought we lost the dogs and how could we tell my parents that our dogs were gone. She was such a mess – so cute! That entire week we lived of my moms pre cooked food and Cocopops!!! The best ever. Lets just say we actually didn’t really eat my moms food! 😛

Now about 14 years later she is still there being crazy! I’m in Canada and she’s in Denmark with her two beautiful boys. No matter what I go through I can call her and she’ll be there for me. She supports me in everything even though her and my other amazing friend Mette thinks they should lock me in a basement so I won’t leave again.

I am looking forward to seeing her when I get back to Denmark. She can never get rid of me and she better know it! I could put some photos in but it just won’t do any different because nothing can show what we have in photos.

I love her so much and she knows that! ❤


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